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Languages reflect the cultures where they are spoken, strong translations help share ideas, and great translators are great readers. Bilingual from a young age (English/French) and now also perfectly fluent in Italian, I have cultivated my interest in languages over years, taking introductory courses in German, Russian, Japanese and Spanish. While I specialize in translating from French and Italian into English, I have occasionally worked the other way around. I always pay close attention to nuances, idioms and the way writing “sounds” to readers.

I honed my translation experience working in-house at international companies and as a foreign correspondent for WWD, a job that frequently required conducting interviews in Italian or French and writing articles in English. In 2016 worked as a pro tempore senior editor at Worldcrunch, the Paris-based news in translation website, and other freelance gigs have included translating Italian election coverage for the Corriere della Sera in 2008 and translating magazine articles for Grazia Italy in 2018.

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